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This is a contest for you, the Steemian who has been trying to get their co-worker to join Steem, or maybe convince their partner to start uploading videos to the blockchain, or perhaps make their best friend start blogging about their weekends together but for some reason, they never get around to opening their steem account.

It's time to get all these potential new users to discover the Steem Blockchain

Get your friends to sign-up to Steem and win up to 2,000 Steem in Prizes


Who Can Join This Contest?

Anyone on the Steem Blockchain with a reputation higher than 57 and who created their account before March 2019. Any user joining the contest must be an active member of any Steem community older than one month

This kind of contests may attract people trying to rig them, that is why we are this strict in terms of Who can join.

What does Sign-up to Steem Mean?

The Steem Blockchain has several DApps and frontends. All you have to do is convince your friends and family to open a Steem account, it doesn't matter if they want that account for playing games, count their steps, upload pictures, publish videos or simply just writing their daily thoughts. Sign-up means creating an account on the Steem Blockchain.

How can I explain to them what Steem is about?

Send them to us. We will handle all that explanation for you with...


Tell them to pick their preferred language and to watch the ten videos! It will take them around 20 minutes to understand perfectly the basics of Steem.

How can my friends create an account?

There are several options for your friends to sign up to Steem, the ones that @steemonboarding recommends are:

Blocktrades account creation
Small Fee: Includes Instant account creation, password recovery and password back up

Steem Ninja
Small Fee: Includes Instant account creation and referral rewards system

Steem Monsters (Splinterlands)
Get a Starter set for a small price with a Steem account included!

Steemit Sign up service
Free: Up to 2 weeks for getting the account, includes account recovery

There are several other ways to create a Steem Account, these are just the ones we reccomend but you can invite your friends using any method available in the Blockchain :)

The Contest | Get your Friends to Join Steem

By using the @steemonboarding videos at https://steemonboarding.com, get as many people to sign up on Steem. They have to be real people, users who will create content, engage in other people's posts, Steemians who will play one of the various games on Steem or that will be active users in one of the various DApps.

The Steemian who gets more users to sign up, wins the contest. It's that easy.

The Deadline | It's a Time Limited Contest

This contest will run for 21 days: Starting on Wednesday, May the 22th at 00:01 PST, finalizing on Wednesday, June the 12th at 23:59 PST.

When the contest starts, you can start inviting and signing-up your friends to the Steem Blockchain. Any account created outside of this timeline will not count for determining the winners. They will also need to publish their introduction post within the deadline. (more information on that below)

The Prizes | Two Contests In One

@theycallmedan is sponsoring this contest with a 1,000 Steem prize. Thanks in advance for making this happen Dan!

The 5 people who get more new Steemians to join the Blockchain will share the 1,000 Steem prize, divided as follows:

1st place - 300 Steem2nd place - 250 Steem
3rd place - 200 Steem4th place - 150 Steem
5th place - 100 Steem*Prizes may grow

*If you are a stakeholder or top witness and you want to help sponsor this contest, please get in touch with @anomadsoul #8455 on discord or on Slack.

11,000 Steem Power Delegation for the most engaging community

On the beginning of this post we mentioned that any user joining this contest has to be part of a community.

The community that gets more people to sign up on Steem, regardless of the winners of the Liquid prize, will get a 10,000 SP delegation from @yabapmatt and a 1,000 SP delegation @OCD for the next 90 days.

Again, if you are a stakeholder or top witness and you want to help this contest by offering a delegation to the winning community, please get in touch with @anomadsoul #8455 on discord or on Slack.

The Rules

  • The new Steemians invited, must create an account within the time limit of the contest. It doesn't matter what Account creation service they use.
  • Every user you invite has to make a post introducing themselves before the end of the contest. On this introduction post they have to mention your username and why they joined Steem, otherwise said sign-up will not count for winning the contest. For this intro post, they must use the tag "newonsteem".

To make a proper introduction post, please check out the Steemonboarding video talking about this topic:

  • @OCD will be curating the tag "new-on-steem". So please make sure these new Steemians you invited use the tag for their introduction post! Anyone using this tag for anything other than their introduction post WILL BE FLAGGED, so please avoid using the tag if you are not a new user who joined Steem via this contest.

  • Every Steemian who joined the contest, must make a post listing all the members they onboarded and linking to their introduction post so we can verify the authenticity of both the competitor and the New Steemians. The tag you should use for this post must be "HelloMassAdoption" and "blocktradescontest"

We want to thank @theycallmedan and @ocd-witness for sponsoring the prizes of this contest and @ocd and @blocktrades for providing Voting Power to curate the new users and the wrap up posts.

As you can see, this contest holds some interest features for everyone on the platform. People who join the contest will benefit, new users will get curated, the communities involved will potentially get some delegation and overall, everyone on Steem will benefit for the tens - or perhaps hundreds - of new users joining the platform thanks to this contest!

@blocktrades and @ocd-witness are witnesses on the Steem Blockchain, you can show them your support by voting for them here or by setting @steemonboarding as your witness proxy here.

Let's reach mass adoption together!

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